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Download PIF-SLEM-TFO Project

The Ministry of Environment and Forest (Desertification Cell) has designated ICFRE as Technical Facilitation Organisation (TFO). The SLEM - TFO is anchored at the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehradun by way of the Medium Scale Project (MSP) entitled "Policy and Institutional Reform for Mainstreaming and Up-scaling Sustainable land and Ecosystem Management in India". The project has been operational since August 2009.

The essence of the SLEM - CPP is to apply a multi-sectoral approach to land management, biodiversity conservation and climate change/adaptation issues in several states of India. To achieve this, a number of organizations representing different capacities related to the issues at hand participate in the programme. These include government organizations at union and state levels, non-governmental and civil society organizations. The donor community as stakeholders in the SLEM program is also perceived as an important partner. The SLEM CPP thus, is conceived as a multi-stakeholder project which will support adoption and implementation of sustainable land and ecosystem management. The complexity of the programme requires significant efforts at multiple institutional levels in order to achieve the planned results, and secure scaling-up of successful results.

The Policy and Institutional Reform for Mainstreaming and Upscaling SLEM in India Project anchored at the ICFRE is the vehicle to meet these requirements. This medium size project will establish a dedicated management function for the program and capacity to generate the maximum benefits from the multi-sectoral and multi-partner approach of the SLEM - CPP. Coordination between all stakeholders will be ensured so that each partner's comparative advantage is fully employed and program activities are well coordinated and monitored. The sharing of lessons learned and emerging results tracked by M&E mechanism will be an integral part of each project and the Program through the Mainstreaming and Upscaling Project. The M&E functions will form the basis for the outreach, knowledge base, mainstreaming and scaling-up of successful policy initiatives and SLEM actions on-the-ground.


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